Iraea Darleane


Name: Iraea Darleane (Pronounced “Eh-ray-uh Dar-lain”)
Sex: Female
Height: 5’5"
Weight: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Age: 30
Age When Embraced: 24
Birthplace: Savannah, GA
Hair Color: dark at the moment
Eye Color: green
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: currently exploring possibilities
Career Field: Lobbyist/politician
Personal Quote: “Just because I’m a creature of the night doesn’t mean I can’t be feminine!”


The year was 2006. A bright, young girl by the name of Iraea Darleane was living in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia. At 24 years old, Iraea had graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens with a degree in Political Science. Her ambitions were on the rise, and she aimed to claim a seat in the Senate representing her beloved state.
Having grown up in a strict Christian household, Iraea had never been allowed any boyfriends or any “behavior ill-suiting to a young lady”. Therefore, when she moved from her parents’ home into an apartment just off campus for college, our little lady went a little wild. Parties and men were constantly present in Iraea’s mind. Luckily she managed to keep her priorities straight and graduated with honors. Shortly after college, Iraea gained employment within the Mayor of Savannah’s office working as a Liaison. It was her job to make contacts with various groups and keep her bosses informed of the latest comings and goings. Also, the task was given to her to run correspondence between the Mayor’s office and her contacts. Information was the name of the game and it was Iraea’s job to dig it out, smooth over any crisis that may arise, and above all make sure that things were as the Mayor’s office proclaimed them to be.
Thus it came to be, one fateful night we find our sweet Georgia peach returning from a dinner meeting with the head of a local charitable organization. While walking down river street in the old, Historical District, Iraea was approached by a strikingly beautiful woman with pale skin and an odd accent. After seemingly casual small-talk, the stranger identified herself as Renee Hillsong from Ontario, Canada (although later discovered Renee was actually from upstate New York and was herself embraced circa 1890). Renee seemed quite charming and friendly with a subtle sexiness underneath. Her charms worked well and within no time, Iraea was accompanying Renee to a club where there was much dancing and drinking (for Iraea). Renee confessed that her plans were for Iraea to come to a place to “relax” with Renee and a few of her friends. Ofcourse dear Iraea couldn’t refuse such an invitation and went right along with her new friend.
Sparing you the gore-y details, Renee and her two companions took turns feeding from Iraea in great sport. Truthfully not much is known about why Renee chose to embrace Iraea and give her the vampire’s existence, but suffice it to say that when Iraea next woke, the world was a different place. Renee stuck around long enough to teach Iraea basic vampire details such as how to feed without killing, how to maintain the masquerade, and other important survival rules. After that, our heroine was left to her own devices. Sad to admit, but staying in Savannah was out of the question. At least while all her family and friends are still living, Iraea can not return to her home. So for the last six years she’s been wandering around looking for a place to settle down in for a time.
Still maintaining her political ambitions, Iraea’s main goals are not publicly known. She is known for being both untrustworthy and very reliable at the same time. Another thing sweet Iraea is known for is being incredibly girly. Bright colors, dresses, heels, fashion baby! It’s no secret that Iraea chooses to maintain some connection to her human life by dressing in current female fashions and not adhering to the normal vampire clothing scheme of black-on-black. “A life of enternal damnation doesn’t have to be bleak — here, wear these stilettos!”

Iraea Darleane

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