Jackson Quinn

A rough-looking young man, Jack is a noticably and unusually powerful vampire, yet his mannerisms betray a young and naive outlook on the world he now lives in.


Recent member of Elysium, notable member of Clan Gangrel and new member of the Ordo Dracul.
Age: 22; 6 months since Embrace
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Black, recently cut short and messily parted to the side
Eyes: Brown
Attire: Modern leather motorcycle jackets, fingerless gloves, belts, band T-shirts, black jeans and steel-toed boots.


By all accounts, Jackson Harris Quinn has little known about him, and his nature as a vampire is a mystery even to himself, as it seems.

Jack came to Elysium without a sire, something that rarely ever happens and presents a danger to the masquerade. However, what’s more intriguing is Jack’s sheer power as a vampire given his age, putting him a tier above most of the kindred in Elysium. Even more intriguing than this is his unusual nature as a gangrel, with his protean claws that bear a strange, chitin-like armor and stringy, sinuous muscle not found in the appearance of most signature gangrel weapons being one example. Weather this is because of his sire’s own power or some other means, not even Jack himself is aware.

Despite all this, Jack eventually formed a bond of camaraderie with the other local gangrel, especially their new priski, the vampire Jeremiah Morgan, of whom he seems to have a deep respect for.

He has also joined the mysterious covenant known as the Ordo Dracul under equally mysterious circumstances. What they plan to do with him, Jack once again does not know, but is slowly finding out.

Jackson Quinn

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