James Giovanni

And I rejoiced, for I knew I was Damned, and that God willed it so. - Malediction 12:13


Clan Daeva
Member of the Lancae Sanctum
Apparent age: Late 20s, early 30s


James Giovanni should have had a normal life, if his desires did not get the best of them. Born in the late 1950’s in Providence Rhode Island, he had a keen mind and a knack for research. Doing fairly well through school, and into collage he was a natural for research and seemed to be looking at a possible future in the scientific field. Some things, never sat well with him and they engrossed him. Things like the legend of Grigori Rasputin. Things that escaped the bounds of being able to proved by modern science, these dark marks in the pages of history. They engrossed his free hours, and he researched a great bound of different things, including the possibility of vampirism as a possible existing thing. His research was never unnoticed though, a Daeva by the name of Alexander Page took to notice his research and how well it flowed out, never leaving details out. To Alexander it was art, it was beautiful, and he must have him.

His embrace came while he was in his late 20’s or early 30’s. His sire attempted to teach him the basis of undead culture, but James quickly found himself questioning the reason for things which grated on his sire’s nerves. He started fall in with the Lancae Sanctum as he studied more and more on the prospect of the Centurion and made quick friends with the Exorcists Sect, who were more than happy to share information when he asked. One of them, a rising star of the local sect, took a close friendship with James and was quite happy to see a keen mind working at the problems they had run into. This Exorcist, Kirk Jones, took James under his wing and mentored him as best as he was able. Driving Alexander to no amount of discouragement and his Carthain leanings. Eventually, in an explosive falling out, James left the city with Kirk as he was elevated to the position of Inquisitor.

They traveled from hotbed to hotbed, always to some of the more heated cities where conflict was ripe. Detroit and its sect war (posed as a gang war), LA and the potential problems with the fae, Montreal and the werewolf dilemma. Kirk seemed to enjoy taking his protege to any location where he could further test him and his skills. He turned James from a scholar to a well learned terrorist of the supernatural world. Teaching him how to rig cars to crash, houses to burst into flames, and always with James’ natural insight and problem solving skills. When word reached them of the problems in Knoxville, Kirk awarded him the title of Inquisitor, but informed him this would be the test to earn that title. If he survived the problems, then he would be ready for any that would come to him. Sending him with a writ of introduction and a promise of backup of crusaders to follow him once they were freed from their current duties.

James Giovanni

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