Jeremiah Coalridge

Prince of the City of Knoxville


Name: Jeremiah Coalridge
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum


Jeremiah Coalridge is an old vampire but a new prince. He has been prince of Knoxville for less than 30 years. He is a devout member of the Lancea Sanctum, but he does not enforce Lancea principles on his praxis.

Jeremiah Coalridge was embraced during the chaos of the Civil War. A native Knoxvillian, he nonetheless was content for a long time to keep to himself. As a Gangrel he was well suited to this task. He mingled with other Knoxville Vampires just enough to not ruffle feathers with the Prince, and of course every Midnight Meeting with his fellow Lancea Sanctum devotees.

During the mid-20th century, however, his objectives changed. He began to speak out about the increased globalization of the Knoxville court. Many of the city elders, especially in the Lancea Sanctum, rallied around him, fearing that foreign business would bring foreign vampires, and that the elders of Knoxville might find their carefully constructed power bases snatched away from them.

By the 80s Jeremiah Coalridge was a popular figure in the Lancea Sanctum. His expressed reluctance to enter politics made the neonates see him as someone above the Danse Macabre, and the elders see him as someone to manipulate. After the disaster of the World’s Fair, Jeremiah Coalridge became Prince of Knoxville.

Since that time he has lost much of his support. The neonates discovered he had no problem with the status quo, only with the perceived invasion of foreign interests. Meanwhile the elders have discovered that Prince Coalridge is himself an elder, and as set in his ways as any of them. The stubborn Gangrel has proven far less tractable than they would have liked.

Still, while he may no longer be the most popular choice, he has his supporters. The Knoxville elders appreciate his policy of “Knoxville for Knoxvillians”. And the Lancea Sanctum supports their Prince, though some may wish he took a harder stance against what they perceive as heresy.

Jeremiah Coalridge

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