Johnathan Blue


Status: Final Death


Johnathan blue was born in 1863 in Boston Mass. under the name Sean O’Ferrel. He went west with his family at the age of 6 lost 2 sisters and a brother on the trip and finally settled in northern Texas. His family started a ranch and he learned the business of ranching from breeding to herding to selling cattle. He was attacked in an alley when a young girl lead him away while he was on on a trip to sell cattle. He raised and quickly became a Dragon because he missed the sun and hopes one day to achieve the ability to bathe in it’s warmth. The vampire who turned him was called Stanislaus Casimir. He trained him in the ways of moving discreetly so that thier cause could see fruition. He often claimed to have recieved his first oath from Vlad Tepes Dracul. Johnathan moved to St. Louis and began research until in 1909 he was attacked to such a degree he was forced into torpor for 70 years. When he rose agian he began research. He no longer knows who attacked him due to his dreams in torpor. He studied fontal nests and made deals with people for free access to labs and various other tools he could use. Most recently he was dispatched to watch the nest at the Sunsphere and has remained in knoxville to further study and make more lasting deals and raise his status among the Ordo and among the vampires of knoxville.

Johnathan Blue

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