Kayt del Sol

The beauty that surrounds her belies the emptiness within.


Name: Kayt del Sol
Age: 51
Appeared Age: 22
Residence “The Fort” Knoxville, TN
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green


The year was 1978. Kayt had just graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Economics. She was packing her things, getting ready for the trip home to Pennsylvania. It had been a long four years. She had worked her way thru college, renting a studio apartment in the Fort, doing odd jobs for her kindly older landlord. Strange as he was, he was extremely kind to Kayt.

On her final evening, Michael, her landlord, invited Kayt downstairs for a goodbye dinner. She was not sure what to expect, being that she had never been into Michael’s basement apartment, from where he kept up maintenance on the building. Kayt knocked at precisely 9 pm, as requested. It was dark outside, as summer had not gotten into full swing. She heard a click, a shuffling, then another click, and the door opened. For a moment, Kayt could have sworn Michael’s eyes glowed red, but when she blinked, they had returned to their normal pale blue. Michael invited her in, and she noticed that the apartment had a second heavy door. Kayt had been to many parties in different areas of the Fort, and knew that some houses were built that way, so she didn’t dwell on it.

When she entered Michael’s dwelling, however, she was astonished. She knew Michael owned a few of the buildings on that particular street, but the opulence of his dwelling blew her away. Wall-to-wall luxurious crimson carpet enhanced the pale grey of the walls, which were adorned with beautiful drapery and amazing artwork; It enhanced the fact that the apartment had no windows. Before she could say a word; She felt a cold hand on her arm, and an excruciating pain in the nape of her neck. Before she could scream, the world was falling, falling away…

When Kayt awoke, she felt different. She KNEW she was different, but didn’t know how. Michael explained the Change, and explained that the world was now her oyster. She felt powerful. A new life. Over the next few weeks, Michael trained her in the ways of the Daeva. He explained he would be moving on soon, and expected that she would take over his position, not only with his land holdings (which, ironically, every semester brought a fresh supply of…meals), but at his position of status within the city. Kayt became knowledgeable in local Invictus politics, and while she did not directly intervene with the players, she knew how to stay on everyone’s good side. She enjoyed the ruling of Invictus, and was crushed when the Sunsphere mysteriously vaporized so many of her allies. She remained suspicious of the new ruling Prince of Knoxville, but had no proof, nor not as much status within the city as she once had. She wished to keep her blood right where it was, thank you very much, so she continued in Michael’s footsteps, spending her days sleeping in the lavish basement apartment, and her evenings collecting rent, charming her tenants, and quietly entertaining herself in the Old City.

Kayt del Sol

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