Merk Arkhym

A musician made of shadow.


Embrace : 07-12-1981
Apparent age : 25
Hair:Dark Brown/Bald

Always with his trusty hoodie, laptop and gear, quiet until he has a profound thought (or at least profound to him).

Usually wearing an industrial band or slightly offensive t-shirt, black fatigues, and a sidepack gadget utility belt for all his portable tech.


Known in certain circles as a charismatic and somewhat elusive musician, and in others as someone who can find out just about anything with a few mouse clicks, Merk has always been a bit of a strange bird. When you see him, he knows it, because otherwise, you wouldn’t see him at all.

Yahoo= merkarkhym

“You see, to me the machines, being as cold and calculating as they are, they make me feel more human by comparison. The machines have no agenda, no rules to impose on you or expectations of you, other than you use them to their full potential. The machines are perfect in the fact that they alone may teach us to work as a unit, a network, seamless and cohesive. It is true that not all devices are compatible with other devices, but they all have a job, and if all of the moving parts do their jobs as they are designed, the work that can be done is immeasurable by any means. If I were to give my devotion to anything in life or death as I am now, it would be the machine, as it is perfect, and should be embraced.”


Merk Arkhym

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