Pixie Hyde


“Safe outside my guilded cage with an ounce of pain, I weild a ton of rage, just like suicide. With eyes of blood and bitter blue, how I feel for you, I feel for you.”
-Chris Cornell

“’Tis misfortune that awakens ingenuity, or fortitude, or endurance, in hearts where these qualities had never come to life but for the circumstance which gave them a being.”
-William Makepeace Thackeray

Height: 5’4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Age: 27
Age when turned: 27
Hair: long and brown
Eyes: hazel
Sex: female
Job: bar manager


Pixie was born in Knoxville and had lived here her whole life. Her parents were older when she was born and she was their only child. Her father was a respected judge for the city. At sixteen her father got her a job at city hall filing paperwork in the afternoons after school. She also spent some time babysitting the children of many of the council members and getting to know their families. Once she left High school she started school at UT majoring in Political Science and continued working at city hall while in school. She finished school at UT with a degree in Political Science. She then got a full time position as a secretary for the city council and moved into an apartment downtown. Then her parents passed away. They left her a generous trust fund and several very successful investments as well as the home she had grown up in. She sold the home and invested that money as well. She continued to work for the City Council for some time, but she began to grow bored with everything. She started going out to different bars and nightclubs on a regular basis. Eventually she stumbled upon HottRods on Alcoa Highway. She began working there part time as a door person and sometime bartender. She didn’t really need the money but the job was interesting. In time she was offered the position of bar manager. Given her financial situation, she could easily do anything she wanted without worrying about money so she decided to take the bar manager position and resigned from her job at the City Council. She remained close with all of her allies there.
During the time Pixie was in college she met a man named Louis whom she had a brief but intense relationship with. She never knew he was a vampire during this time. Their relationship lasted until he disappeared and she wasn’t able to find him again. Louis bumped into her again one day when the vampires began frequenting HottRods. He had always known of her ties with city hall and was now learning of her job as a bar manager there. Louis has just opened his own bar in the old city and was in search of someone as talented as Pixie to help keep his bar in order and her ties with city hall could be just what he needed to get the Historical Society off his back.
Louis planned to hire her and as long as things went as planned make her his child within a few years. He called her and invited her down to his bar for a meeting about a job opening. Louis asked her to meet him at ten o’clock that night. Louis waited and at ten thirty he began to realize something was wrong when Pixie didn’t answer her phone. Louis went looking for her toward Gay Street and found her lying in an alley seriously wounded but still barely alive. She had been mugged by a group of gang members and left to die. Louis had no choice but to escalate his plans and sire his child now or let her die. He had already asked Richard Io and the Invictus about his future plans and had gotten their blessings but knew that this was going to require a bit of smoothing over with the Prince due to these extenuating circumstances.
Pixie spent the next month with Louis learning about vampire society and the traditions. She moved out of her apartment and into Louis’ to make things simpler. He was preparing her to be introduced to the Prince at court at the next gathering at Elysium. He taught her how to feed and how to protect herself. They spent hours at late night shooting ranges while he taught her how to shoot. She turned out to be a talented student. She was introduced at court and all seemed well. She continued to work at HottRods and practiced shooting during her free time.
Then Louis died. He got caught up in an Invictus plot to do away with the Prince and wasn’t able to get himself out of it in time. Richard Io, head of the Invictus, was the one who killed him. Pixie was lost and alone for a while. She spent quite a few days in a hidden closet in the back room of HottRods until she was able to lay claim to the havens she had been living in while Louis was still alive. Then she started to form a bond with Jeremiah Morgan and eventually other Gangrel as well. It was at this point that she started to lift out of her despair.
It turned out that Richard Io was a traitor to the city. He had been responsible for the thin blood plague that made it very difficult to safely feed. The Kindred of the city banded together to overcome the plague and mortal cultists involved in it, but Io fled the city. Pixie participated in a hunting party that tracked Io down. Pixie shot him into torpor which allowed the others to quickly and easily destroy him. On that trip she had formed even closer bonds with several Gangrel and even earned their respect for her shooting skills. It was time for a new chapter of her unlife.

Pixie Hyde

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