Uncle Bob


Height: 6’-2"
Weight: large
Hair: mostly bolding but brown hair
Beard: mixed colored.
Eyes: Hazel
Sex: Male
Race: White
Born: 1940 Detroit Michigan
Turned: 1980 Fort Lauderdale Florida
Looks: in the forties
Dress: mostly casual clothing or work scrubs
Very few times well dressed (only when I have to)


We started out in Detroit after WWII, and we were a small sect of families. When WWII came we went into action to get our family to the U.S.A. We worked with in the war effort to get all the survivors of our family to America. Then as time went by, we branched down to two sects; one remained in Detroit and one in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
After my embrace and the death of my sire. I was able to find a Mentor. And she got me to join the Carthian’s which I got help for them to move me to Knoxville to get a fresh start. I was there for 2 years before the great fall and since then; I have been working on my business to make it grow.
My mentor is Gabrielle Lane or know a Condesa. She had been one of the influences behind Castro’s revolution. She seems to take delight in foiling the Invictus, a feud that she has held on to for centuries. she is originally from Aragon, which is now Spain.
With the years going by; with the Carthian rule of Tennessee. The Ventrue/Invictus was still in charge of the growth of business in Knoxville and with the Daeva in charge of restoring old Knoxville. And the many deaths Nosferatu that where living under Gay street.
I have worked over the years to get the vampire’s to upraise and take down the Ventrue and Daeva for their heinous crimes. But the main that let it all happen, was the Prince.
The Condesa has decided to move the Tennessee. She tells me that she in concern of the wellbeing of her charges. But She has not yet revealed to us the particulars of why she wanted to leave Florida.

Uncle Bob

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