Wilhemina Morgan

Dark and beautiful, Succubus eternal.


Age: 35 at turning, now 75
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: Long, dark brown, wavy hair
Eyes: Hazel, Usually various shades of green, but gold streaks in her eyes sometimes become more prominent
Attire: Depends on what she’s doing. On the job as a PI, business or business casual. On the job as owner of “Delish Escorts”, sexy formal, or straight up sexy. On Circle of the Crone business, casual (jeans, t-shirt or simple dress) when with the Circle, but more business or business casual when dealing with politicos.


Mina Morgan was born the daughter of a college professor and stay at home mom in 1936. Her father was more interested in his research and his female students than he was in his family. That was okay, though, because her mother was more interested in her soaps and the poolboy/mailman/milkman than she was in her daughter. Despite that, 8 years later her brother, Jeremiah, was born. She looked after her younger brother because no one had done that for her. She grew up feeling responsible for him and tried to teach him the best she could about life, but those lessons weren’t always taken to heart.
In school, Mina excelled in English, well enough to get a scholarship to the local community college. She took all the writing courses she could, along with the basics, and then moved on to a local four year university. While there, she garnered herself a job as a technical writer. She even had a few poems published in some nationally known magazines. Sadly, they never earned her any fame or renown. She was trying her hand at her first novel when Jeremiah disappeared.
In 1969, Jeremiah had turned into a “Free Love” hippy and ran off for the Woodstock Festival. Mina’s never known exactly what happened there. He had told her he would return within the week, but he didn’t. She called the police who said that he had probably run off with another group of hippies and was strung out on drugs somewhere. Needless to say, they were less than helpful. She hired a detective who discovered that he had left the festival with a group that was traveling the country. Mina made arrangements to do her work from the road, sending in her manuscripts via the postal service.
After two years of searching, she arrived in Tucson, AZ, supposedly right on the heels of the group with whom her brother was traveling. The Prince of Tucson had been warned that she was coming and decided that Mina was too close to discovering the Masquerade. Having done some research on her, he felt she would best suit the Daeva clan and had her seduced and embraced by one of the Succubi. Once turned, Mina was finally made aware that she was now like her brother, one of the undead. She was finally allowed to see him, but he was changed. Jeremiah had been embraced by Gangrel and the more feral side of his nature was showing. Upon discovering that his sister had been embraced, Jeremiah felt guilty and took it upon himself to become her protector.
Mina found a local job as a tech writer and her sire helped her find an apartment that Jeremiah sometimes shared. They remained in Tucson for a decade living as happily as two Kindred can. Thanks to pressure from the covenants, Mina finally took an interest in the Circle of the Crone and devoted herself to the Cruac. Brother and sister both became fascinated with detective shows like The Rockford Files, Columbo, and Kojak. Following this interest, they enrolled in correspondence courses, Jeremiah taking more Forensics and Criminology with Mina going more for the business side of things and they eventually received their Private Investigators licenses. Business was going decently until 1982. Jeremiah was shot by a mortal. In order to keep the Masquerade, Jeremiah and Mina were forced to leave Tucson.
The World’s Fair had just opened in Knoxville, TN. So, the brother and sister decided to start their lives over in Tennessee. Mina made arrangements for the purchase of an RV and they started making their way to Knoxville travelling only at night. They changed their names and arrived just before the end of the Fair. They were to present themselves to the Prince on October 31st, but things transpired to prevent that. A rogue member of the Circle of the Crone who felt slighted by the Prince used Blood magic to kill the Prince. During the investigation, Jeremiah and Mina met up with members of a local agency and decided to join forces with them. They set up offices and started business again.
After the events surrounding the death of the Prince of Knoxville, Mina realized that the local Circle of the Crone had little or no political presence and were being bullied. She stepped to the fore, trying to make the local Circle aware of their need to stand together despite their disparate beliefs. Her growth in the rites of the Cruac suffered. She has not yet made it to the second level of the Cruac, but she has gained both first level rites. She’s, also, gained a reputation as someone who looks out for the interests of the Circle and that has gained her a position of trust, if not power, among the local Circle.
Over the years, her Daeva blood has begun to influence her as well. She has a need to slake her lusts in various ways. She eventually completed her novel, basing it, in no small part, upon her search for her brother. Enough details were changed as to not bring notice to the Masquerade, it was published under a pseudonym, and it sold moderately well. After some success in meeting her sexual needs with some of the mortal officials, she realized there were others of her clan with similar needs. Mina, also, realized that she could use her sex appeal to get information from these local officials; they were petty men with needs of which she could take advantage. She set up an escort service that caters to the upper eschelon of Knoxville businessmen and city officials. Escorts are hired and trained by Mina to gather as much information as possible. To help insure this, cameras and microphones have been set up in the rooms that are used by the “Delish Escort Service”. They are triggered when someone enters the rooms and the data is recorded on servers in Mina’s office. She is the only one who knows that her escorts services are recorded.
While it might appear that Mina is setting herself up as an information broker, she has her own priorities. She uses all information she gathers to meet her own needs. Her interests come first, followed by those of her Circle and then by her clients. If it suits her interests to give information to another faction within the city, then she may get that information to them, either directly, or through someone else. She has developed contacts among the city officials and law enforcement. Again, these are used mainly to watch out for her brother and herself, but also to keep a watchful eye on threats to the Circle of the Crone.

Wilhemina Morgan

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