Wolf Williams


“Catching a yellow jacket in your shirt at 70 mph can double your vocabulary.”

“Young riders pick a destination and go. Old riders pick a direction and go.”

“Gray-haired riders don’t get that way from pure luck.”

Height: 5’8"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: 70
Age when turned: 54
Hair: Long and grey with a long grey beard
Eyes: hazel
Sex: Male
Job: Car and weapons repair, Illegal sales


It was the early 1960’s and Harold Williams was living life out of the saddlebags of his 1962 Harley. He spent most of his time hanging out with bikers and hippies, living the life on the road smoking dope and following festivals, blues musicians and women around the country. This was the way he wanted to live forever, but all things must come to an end, and after a few years on the road and tired of struggling for money Harold knew he had to settle down a bit. He went back home to east Tennessee and found that his parents had died in a house fire while he was on the road and the state had been looking for him. He inherited their 124 acres just off of Northshore in West Knoxville.
Harold quickly built himself a little shack about a half mile from the road back in the woods. He continued living the simple life. He did however throw some wild parties in the woods from time to time that rivaled some small festivals. He began selling pot and making moonshine out in the woods behind his house. Soon, it was a party every weekend. Harold was drawing in crowds in the hundreds for bonfires and parties, whether he wanted to or not. The police in the area began to notice what was going on and a few of them found out about the moonshine and pot he was selling. After numerous fines and a six month stint in the federal pen Harold started getting smart about his business. The pot and the moonshine were raking him in a ridiculous amount of cash and during that six months behind bars he realized that it was going to be cheaper to just pay the cops to look the other way. Once he got out of jail he fired the business back up. Luckily this was the late 1960’s so he was able to pay them in pot, moonshine and cash to keep the cost down on him.
He began having a large amount of bikers coming in on the weekends, specifically a gang called Legion. They were mostly from Kingston and the surrounding areas. They were a strange creepy lot. They always rode in after sunset and left before 4am.
Harold missed the road and began riding with Legion on a regular basis. He kept them stoned and they kept him safe. They quickly became his unofficial police force at his parties. Even the cops didn’t dare come down Harold’s driveway for fear of losing their free drugs and cash and they really didn’t want to get into it with Legion.
Harold became part of the gang and they gave him the name Wolf. He rode with them and raised hell all over the south east. They partied and drank. Life was great! Harold was spending so much time on the road the parties just abruptly ended. Harold didn’t mind though. He enjoyed the peace and quiet, just the sounds of nature to keep him company.
Time went on and the 1980’s roared its ugly head. Most of Legion were growing old. They were leaving to start families and settle down. Most days were spent with Wolf, Skull and Bettie sitting around the shack just waiting on someone to show up. Skull and Bettie were married and Wolf knew they wouldn’t be hanging around forever.
Over the next few weeks Wolf began spending a lot of time talking to them about growing old. How things would change. How they would move on and he would be left alone. The two were saddened by Wolf’s emotions. After all this time it turned out he was more than just a thug and ruffian. A few more weeks went on and one day Skull gathered them all together. He lowered his head and told them about a man he had been seeing for a few years who claimed to be a vampire. The other two laughed as if he were joking. He told them a fantastical story about drinking the vampires blood and feeling youthful and strong. He also told him that the vampire was able to make more vampires and had promised to do the same for Skull in the future. Skull was serous. The two stared in disbelief. Skull took them to see this vampire he had spoke of and they were greeted by a very youthful looking man who brought back memories of riding free in the 1960’s to Wolf. This man was dressed as if it were 20 years in the past, everything in his home, his bike parked out front, everything screamed of 1965. He introduced himself as Doug “the Knife” Martin. Wolf couldn’t believe it. He used to ride with Doug back in the 60’s. He hadn’t aged a day. It was amazing. Wolf had heard that Doug had died in a crash years ago and hadn’t seen him sence.
The man fed them some blood and told them that if they proved themselves worthy he indeed would turn them into Vampires so they could live forever. The three spent the next 5 years as ghouled servants to the vampire. He let them run free and continue their lives but occasionally sent them on errands. He also taught them what he knew of vampire society, about vampire powers and the perils of being a kindred.
Wolf’s business really started to take off during this time. He felt so alive and was so driven he turned it into a huge thriving illegal business, still keeping the cops off his back in the same manner all these years later. The three of them recruited new members and remade Legion. Lots of young blood riding with them, it was like the old days.
One stormy afternoon in May 1996 Doug called them and asked them to come over. He needed another favor from them. The three jumped on their bikes and went to see him. When they got there Doug was sitting on his porch waiting. He took them around back to the barn and told them it was time. He looked them each in the eyes and told them they had learned enough and if they were still serious about living forever he would make them vampires tonight and send them on one last errand, and if they survived they would be his equals and be free to live their lives. The three looked at each other and all of them in unison said yes.
Doug turned them there in the barn that night and let them rest at his house three days. On the evening of the third day Doug woke them and told them it was time to complete their final job for him. He told them of a kindred child of his who had been running wild in Knoxville and tearing up some bars and using his powers in front of mortals. Doug told them they were to find him and kill him at all costs, and if they survived they had earned their freedom. The three wasted no time and saddled up their bikes. They found the guy at a bar in west Knoxville and went inside. He was inside running his mouth about racing bikes and tearing the place apart. Wolf walked over to the guy and grabbed him by the shoulder and told him if he could beat Skull down I75 from Lovell rd. to the Sugar Limb rd exit Wolf would give him his bike. If he lost Wolf got his bike in return. The badass heartily agreed and the headed out to the exit for the interstate. Wolf told Skull to not worry too much about winning, just to make it there alive.
The sped down the interstate weaving in and out of traffic while Wolf and Bettie kept up just behind them. As they approached Sugar Limb Skull let the biker pull ahead. They shot up the off ramp and at the top the vampire slung his bike around sideways and took his helmet off, he had won the race. Skull came barreling up the ramp at full speed and before the guy could realize what was going on skull jumped off his bike at the last second and let it slam into the guy at 90mph. The vampire and Skull’s bike went flying across the road and off the ramp on the other side. Skull began running over to the guy and Wolf and Bettie came flying across the road on their bikes. The quickly dismounted right as the badly injured vampire was pulling himself off the pavement. He was too wounded to make this a fair fight, and it wasn’t. The three savagely beat him until he was in the beginning stages of torpor. They covered him in gasoline from a can Wolf had brought along and lit him on fire. They stood and watched as he burned along the interstate and turned to ash.
They returned to Doug’s place just before the sun rose. They told Doug of their success. He quietly arose and told them they were free but if they began drawing attention to him, like that poor fool had he would send more of his children after them just the same.
Time passed on and Bettie and Skull bought their own place down the road from Wolf. Wolf spent most of his time tending to his business and stockpileing money. He really didn’t have anything to spend money on now. He made a few improvements to the shack, bought himself a small notebook computer and taught himself enough about it to get on the internet and send email. His pot and moonshine business were pulling him in quite a bit of money monthly and it was helping him live the comfortable life out in the woods. He worked on his new vampire powers and spent lots of time riding the roads alone around east Tennessee

Wolf Williams

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