Downtime Reports

Downtime Reports

Once a month the Vampires of Knoxville hold Elysium. But what happens in between? That is what Downtime Reports are for. Downtime Reports allow you to tell the Storytellers what your character does in between games. At the beginning of each game you will receive a report back, detailing the results of your efforts.

Basic Downtime Rules

Downtime actions are due the 2nd Sunday of each month. That gives you one week from the end of the game to decide what your character will do. Basic rules for downtimes are as follows:

  1. Copy the Downtime Form (found below) and paste it into an e-mail to
  2. Fill out the Downtime Form completely. You get one downtime action per dot of your character’s Resolve. Refer to the sample Downtime Form (found below) for assistance.
  3. Send the e-mail!
  4. Pick up the results of your downtime at the beginning of next game (if you’re not there, we’ll e-mail it to you).

Additional Downtime Concepts

There are a few things to keep in mind about downtimes.

  1. A downtime action should comprise a single effort. “I attempt to break in to the downtown office and steal the plans” is a good (though risky) downtime. “I attempt to break in to the downtime office and steal the plans, then plant the plans in my rival’s haven, then spread rumors that my rival is corrupting city officials” is three downtime actions, not one. Certain actions, such as shadowing someone over the course of a month, or casting a week-long ritual, are a single action even though they take an extended amount of time. If you send in actions that are too long (or too short), we will e-mail you if it is before the deadline. If the deadline is reached without hearing back from you, Storytelling Staff will use their best judgment as to what downtimes to keep.
  2. Downtime actions are not guaranteed. Depending on how risky the downtime is, your character may have difficulty completing it. Storytelling Staff will make all rolls for your character during downtime, and use their best, fair judgment as to how it would turn out.
  3. Attempting to attack another player character during Downtime normally requires a special scene with that character. Put as much detail about the setup of your attack, and your attempt in your Downtime, and expect to be contacted by Storyteller staff about setting up a special scene where you and your target can roleplay out the attack.
  4. At least one downtime action is required before improving anything on your character sheet (with the exception of XP gained from turning in a background, see Rules). For simple skills and in-clan disciplines, a single downtime action (to train in the skill, for instance, or focus on the power of your blood) is all that is needed. For Merits, out-of-clan disciplines, abilities, humanity, or other things multiple downtime actions might be needed, or raising them might be impossible without a teacher. Get in touch with Storyteller Staff if you have questions about what training is required.
  5. If one of your downtime actions involves teamwork with another player character, make sure both you and the other player(s) spend the downtime actions necessary. You cannot “tag along” with another character, you must spend your action as well.
  6. Simple actions, such as talking to your Clan Prisci, do not require a downtime action. Either run the scene through the In Character forum with the [RP] tag (if it does not need to be kept secret), or talk to Storytelling Staff about running a private scene before the game, or at another convenient time.

Additional Downtime Actions

In Black Bowery you gain a number of Downtime actions per month equal to your character’s Resolve. You can gain additional downtime actions as follows:

  1. 1 downtime action per separate Allies merit (not dot) you possess. For instance, if you had Allies (Police) 2 and Allies (Criminals) 3, you would have 1 downtime action with the Police and 1 downtime action with Criminals. This represents requests you make of your allies. Bear in mind the more work you request from your allies, the more they will expect from you in return.
  2. 1 downtime action per dot of the Contacts merit you possess. This represents asking your contact for information. This downtime can only be used to gather information in a contacts field, and nothing else.
  3. The Mentor merit does not automatically grant downtime actions, but you make make requests of your Mentor as you wish. It is up to your Mentor whether he does as you request, and be warned that few Mentors will tolerate a pupil who is constantly asking for things.
  4. 1 downtime action per separate Retainer merit (not dot) you possess. For instance, if you had a 3 dot Retainer (a ghoul), and a 2 dot Retainer (a mortal bound by the Vinculum), you would have 1 downtime action with the ghoul, and 1 downtime action with the mortal. This represents tasks you set your retainer to do.
  5. 1 downtime action per separate Status merit (not dot) you possess. For instance, if you had Status (City Hall) 3 and Status (Diplomat) 2, you would have 1 downtime action with City Hall, and 1 downtime action with Diplomat. This represents you using your authority to order your subordinates to do things. Bear in mind that the higher your Status merit, the more work you must do to maintain it. In addition, the special Vampiric merits of City Status, Clan Status, and Covenant Status can never be used for this purpose, as dots in those status merits do not imply underlings.

When you hand off downtime actions using merits you are no longer in control of those actions. Other people are. As such, there may be delays, unexpected complications, or even failure, especially if those you order are resentful of you.

Downtime Form

Mail the following form to

Player Name:
Character Name:

What did your character accomplish, experience, or learn last game?:

Do you have any suggestions on how we can run a better game?:

Brownie Points Expenditures:

Character Resolve:

Basic Downtime Actions (from Resolve):

Additional Downtime Actions (from Allies, Contacts, Retainers, Brownie, etc.):

Additional XP Expenditures:

Did anything else happen last month (including this past game) of note?:

Sample Downtime Form

Player Name: Jeffrey Witthauer
Character Name: Antoine deMoncorbiet

What did your character accomplish, experience, or learn last game?: Antoine introduced himself to the Prince. Antoine learned that Primogen Baldur has a weakness for argyle socks. Antoine went to the Old MacDonald farm, and encountered the ghosts of Anna MacDonald and her mother. Antoine learned that Farmer MacDonald was secretly the vicious Hillbilly slasher, and that he was strangled by his wife before she died from the wound he had given her. On the way back to Knoxville Antoine and his group were accosted by Belial’s Brood. He hid while his bigger, tougher companions defeated them, but he was able to acquire a strange, pre-civil war button from one of their corpses.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can run a better game?: In general the game was excellent. Because there was another side-scene going on at the same time, the MacDonald Farm was put in the back room and so felt a bit cramped. Perhaps look at getting some extra space for side-scenes. I especially liked the makeup for the MacDonald girl. Creepy!

Brownie Point Expenditures: 3 for 1 Downtime Action

Character Resolve: 2

Basic Downtime Actions (from Resolve):

1. Antoine will go up to the MacDonald farm once more and search behind the crates in the attic, where the ghosts told him to search for their bodies. If he finds them he will give them a proper burial.

2. Antoine will continue investing in retail outlets near West Town, using his mortal proxies. In so doing, he hopes to earn enough money to buy a 4th dot of the Resources Merit.

Additional Downtime Actions (from Allies, Contacts, Retainers, Brownie, etc.):

Brownie: Antoine will attend the Policeman’s Ball after sunset, hobnobbing with the elite of Knoxville. He will focus on studying the way power flows, and how a single word or gesture can change the shape of the city, in the hopes of improving his own skill. He will spend 9 XP to get Politics 3.

Allies(Police): Antoine will request that the Police drop their investigation into the “gang shooting” that happened last month in Fountain City. The investigation has served it’s purpose, and Antoine fears that investigation might come back to him.

Contacts(Academics): Antoine will call his friend the Professor at UT and ask him for information about that strange button he found on the Belial’s Brood guy.

Additional XP Expenditures: Spending his 15 XP from his background: Animalism 1 (7 XP), Dominate 1 (5 XP), Animal Ken 1 (3 XP).

Did anything else happen last month (including this past game) of note?: Antoine had a chat with the Ventrue Prisci in a separate scene, and told him of his worries that the Nosferatu were starting to encroach in Ventrue business interests, and might be trying to take over the Invictus. Juliette Crowe asked Antoine if he knew anything about the Fountain City gang shooting, and Antoine lied to her and said no.

Downtime Reports

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