Elysium is neutral ground for the vampires of a city. It is typically chosen by the local Prince in areas of artistic or intellectual worth that promote calm reflection, such as theaters and museums, though nightclubs and even a Kindred’s haven may suffice. The Keeper of Elysium is responsible for everything that happens in their jurisdiction and for scheduling or cancelling events, a position that involves both great prestige and scrutiny.

Violence is strictly prohibited within Elysium, and individuals are expected to keep tempers in check. Any grievances between vampires are to be left outside, and the Keeper of Elysium or the sheriff will forcibly remove those who cannot control themselves if need be. While this provides opportunity for both neonates and elders to relax, social conflict is often at its peak and what happens in Elysium can easily lead to reprecussions off ground.

Though Elysiums often serve as gathering places for Kindred, the Masquerade must normally be maintained at all times for any mortals that may be around. Similarly, while refreshments are sometimes served, it is bad taste to come to Elysium hungry as it often leads to shorter tempers. Some Princes go so far as to forbid hunting nearby, as a concentrated population of vampires could easily result in a suspicious number of deaths in the area.

Elysium in Knoxville is held at Hott Rod’s, a goth club off Alcoa Highway. Although this location is always Elysium, and thus always subject to the rules of Elysium, the rules are rarely enforced outside of the once-a-month court held by the Prince.


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