Laws of Knoxville


First and foremost no one exists in a social vacuum. Laws are the rules people create to regulate behavior and to promote, for the most part, the common good. Among kindred, there exist three notable and influential laws adhered to by almost every vampire. These are known as The Traditions.

It is rumored the traditions were first codified long ago, in the times of the Camarilla, and that they were laid down by Longinus himself in his Testament. Tonight they are accepted across kindred society, in part, because they justify the nature of that society, promoting the primacy of Princes and elders, enforcing the Masquerade, ensuring that not too many Childer are created and that vampires do not, too often, feed upon one another.

While other laws exist among kindred, laws created by and adhered to by individual covenants, local laws decreed and enforced by local Princes, etc. the traditions are the basis of and core of kindred law. In addition to the traditions, there are customs, some of which have become nearly as universal as the traditions. The three most common customary traditions are Domain, Tutelage and Deference. Each of these is associated with one of the three traditions.

I: The Masquerade

Do not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so forfeits you your claim to the Blood. The masquerade protects Vampires from the knowledge and interference of mortals. The masquerade is what keeps “rational” humans from believing that Vampires are real.

• Domain: A domain is usually comprised of a single city and a limited radius outside its borders. Within her domain, a Prince has absolute authority. The custom of domain derives from the First Tradition largely because one of the first duties of a Prince is to ensure the masquerade is upheld within her domain.

II: Progeny

Sire another at the peril of both yourself and your progeny. If you create a childe, the weight is your own to bear. Any vampire can create more vampires. Doing so is to damn another soul for all eternity. It is not an act which should be indulged lightly.

• Tutelage: When a vampire sires a childe, is it considered the duty of the sire to tutor the childe in the laws and customs of kindred society and to ensure the childe does not violate the first tradition in the heady and difficult first nights of her requiem.

III: Amaranth

You are forbidden from devouring the heartsblood of another of your kind. If you violate this commandment, the Beast calls to your own Blood. It is said that while the blood of mortals is sweet, the blood of kindred as far sweeter still. Though drinking the blood of other vampires has its pleasures and perils, the Vinculum not the least of these, drinking the life blood, the heart’s blood, of another vampire causing their Final Death is an act fraught with danger and the promise of power as well.

• Deference: While respect for one’s elders is simple good manners even in mortal society, among kindred it takes on an even greater significance. Especially when that elder may be hundreds if not thousands of years old.


Thou shalt not use any Supernatural Abilities, other than that used to hide an unpleasant appearance. This does not allow for Imitating another Kindred. The ban on Supernatural Abilities especially applies to the “subtle” methods used to spy on others. Those caught breaking this law shall be promptly removed from the premises, and not allowed to return for one month.

Thou shalt not traverse to the Security Room of Elysium. Visitors will be stripped of status before being promptly removed from the premises, and not allowed to return for one month.

Thou shalt not Physically assault others in Elysium. The exception being to hold one back from fighting. Violators will be handled on a case by case basis.

Verbal assaults are, however, welcome and entertaining, with the following exception: Respect should always be paid to the Prince, the Primogen Council, and to Knoxville as a whole. Those failing to show proper respect to the elders of the city may be removed from Elysium.

Thou shalt not release the Beast within the confines of Elysium. If one must, there will be a special room to use. Better to be kept private than in the eyes of mortals.

Any items left throughout the day in Elysium become the property of the Keeper, the original owner being banned from Elysium for one month or longer. Mortals may traverse Elysium during the day, they must not know what transpires at night.

Any blantant acts to bring attention to the Kindred of the City will be handled from a case to case basis.

The Keeper may use, by the sake of his position, any means necessary to protect others, protect the Masquerade, and uphold the above laws. This includes, but is not limited to, searching bodies before they enter Elysium, Supernatural Abilities and Violence.

Hunting mortals is not permitted in the area surrounding Elysium, nor in the shopping centers around Alcoa Highway between Mt Vernon Drive and Ginn Drive. If you are looking for a safe place to hunt please see your Prisci.

No mortals may attend an Elysium gathering – Kindred speak rather freely of their society in Elysium. To allow mortals at such a gathering would be an obvious breach of the Masquerade. While ghouls are permitted in some Elysiums, it is not advisable to allow one’s ghouls to learn too much of Kindred society, lest they become arrogant and assumptive.

This list is subject to change without warning by the Prince, as is deemed necessary for the safety of our kind.

All must respect the word of the Keeper of Elysium – The Keeper of Elysium may supplement these laws with policies particular to their Elysium at any time. While in Elysium, the Keeper’s laws must be abided by. Keepers who abuse such power do not retain their position very long and fear the wrath of their Prince.

The Sheriff, with the safety and interests of the domain in mind, may deviate from these laws. To do so without good cause will likewise land the Sheriff in trouble with the court.

Laws of Knoxville

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