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Welcome to Knoxville.

Hope you survive the night…

In days past the part of town around North Central Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee has been known as the Bowery. Named after the famous part of New York City, it was known for its crime, prostitutes, saloons, and brothels. In the 1980s this part of town was revitalized by the people of Knoxville, and having shed its close associations with crime and prostitution the moniker of Bowery gave way to its current, more dignified name: The Old City.

But there are creatures in Knoxville older than the mortals. Creatures that do not have the short memories of the mortals. To the Vampires of Knoxville, the undead blood-drinkers that infest the night, North Central shall always be the heart of the Black Bowery.

Black Bowery is a Live Interactive Fiction Experience, or LIFE, set in an alternate version of Knoxville. The world of Black Bowery is darker than our world. The shadows are thicker. The cities more oppressive. Crime is more rampant. Vice is on the rise. Those in power are corrupt and twisted, and the underclass is oppressed with no hope of changing their lot. It is a world of gothic horror, where monsters and ghosts stalk the night, preying upon helpless mortals. You prey upon the mortals too, for you are a Vampire. An undead bloodsucker, immortal unless you are slain, but cursed as well. You are one of the Damned, and it is far to easy to lose what Humanity you have left.

Although Black Bowery is primarily concerned with storytelling, all LIFEs require rules to resolve conflict. The rules used in Black Bowery are based on Vampire: The Requiem, published by White Wolf Publishing. Those interested in participating in Black Bowery may wish to look at the following pages.

  • Rules for Black Bowery. These are additional rules, clarifications, and changes from the base Vampire: The Requiem rules present in the Black Bowery LIFE.
  • Character Creation rules. A step by step guide to creating your Vampire persona, and becoming part of the ongoing drama of the Black Bowery.

The following pages contain vital information about Knoxville in the World of Darkness:
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