Ordo Dracul

Sages and Scientists of the Damned

The Ordo Dracul is a covenant whose power in Knoxville is greater than it seems. Although they boast a sizable membership, the Ordo Dracul does not seem to seek any true political power, and they do not have a Primogen on the City Council.

This is partly because their newfound power is recent. Prior to the 80s there were few Ordo Dracul members in Knoxville. Although Oak Ridge is a well known Wyrm’s Nest, and one of the longest-existing examples of the Wyrm’s Nest, it is so perilous that any attempts to control or even study it have ended in disaster. Beyond Oak Ridge the only Wyrm’s Nests in the city were minor, haunts and other small nests that often vanished soon after their appearance.

All that changed in 1982. The sheer emotional intensity of the World’s Fair created a bevy of new Wyrm’s Nests throughout the city. Some, such as the Fontal Nest that coalesced around the Hungarian Exhibit, later the Knoxville Museum of Art, still remain (albeit in a weaker state). Most interesting to the Ordo Dracul, however, was the Sunsphere. As a symbol of the World’s Fair and of Knoxville, the Sunsphere quickly became a powerful Fontal Nest, and a draw for Ordo members who quickly flocked to the city to study the rapidly shifting ley lines caused by the World’s Fair. The disastrous events of Halloween Night, 1982 tainted the resonance of the Sunsphere, resulting in strange occult effects that are still being fully explored.

It has now been 30 years since the World’s Fair dramatically altered the ley lines of the city, and while certain events have further altered the occult landscape (such as the 2008 renovation of South Gay Street), nothing on the scale of the World’s Fair has occurred. Still, the Ordo Dracul remains in the city, their true power hidden behind their scholarly nature.

The Knoxville Academy follows the Philadelphian Rite, acting in public with a mostly public membership (though of course most of their actual rites remain secret, buried within a maze of coded titles and signals).

Knoxville Ordo Dracul Titles

The Ordo Dracul acknowledges a dizzying array of titles, most of which are unknown to members not of the covenant, and some of which may be made up to confuse outsiders. Knoxville Dragons know what they mean, and that is enough. However, the following titles are known to exist in Knoxville.

Perhaps the most important member of the Ordo Dracul, the Kogaion keeps detailed maps and notes, often in dizzying code, of all the Wyrm’s Nests in the area. The Kogaion also oversees the periodic mapping of local ley lines.

Grand Wyrm
A mostly honorary title (though one with a great deal of respect and deference attached), the Grand Wyrm is the eldest member of the Ordo Dracul in a city.

The Castellan is a Kindred who is tasked with maintaining the Ordo Dracul’s local Chapter House. Similar in many ways to a Master of Elysium, it is the Castellan’s task to ensure the Chapter House remains an orderly establishment where the Dragons can pursue the Great Work.

A title that traditionally goes to the highest ranked unsworn Dragon in the city, the Convener has the task of organizing and holding the monthly Caucus. They are not, however, responsible for keeping order at the Caucus. That task falls to the Sworn of the Axe.

The Sworn of the Axe
One of three orders of “Sworn” Dragons, the Sworn of the Axe are charged with the protection of the Ordo Dracul, as well as acting as their internal police. In all matters of combat they are supreme.

The Sworn of the Dying Light
One of three orders of “Sworn” Dragons, the Sworn of the Dying Light oversee the study of the Great Work itself, encouraging other Dragons to continue their studies of the Coils, and judging what research is beneficial, and what research is wasteful.

The Sworn of the Mysteries
One of three orders of “Sworn” Dragons, the Sworn of the Mysteries are charged with guiding the course of the covenant overall. They have no power over individuals, but instead focus on policies and decision that affect the entire covenant. They are the most likely Dragons to involve themselves in city politics.

Knoxville Ordo Dracul Rites and Events

The following rites and events are occasionally practiced by the Ordo Dracul.

The Knoxville Academy meets for their Caucus, or regular meeting, on the night of the new moon as is traditional. All members of the Ordo Dracul are invited.

Known Vampires of the Ordo Dracul

  • Kogaion Victor Paraboda, Burning Initiate of Terror
  • Grand Wyrm Professor Phillip Tuckman, Sanguine Master of the Curse, Sworn of the Dying Light, Twilight Judge
  • Mordicai Philips

General Attitudes Toward Other Covenants

Invictus: Their ambition sometimes has unintended benefits. Just look at the World’s Fair.

Lancea Sanctum: When churches play politics, true enlightenment suffers.

Carthians: We commend their dedication to change, but they would trample important things in their zealotry.

Circle of the Crone: Focus less on your persecution, and more on your enlightenment.

Ordo Dracul

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