A Secret Timeline of Knoxville

1787: Knoxville is founded. Rumors persist that there were Vampires among the Cherokee before this, but these rumors are usually discounted. The first founding of Knoxville brings with it Gangrel, and others soon follow.

Early 19th Century: Carthians in Knoxville encourage the Abolitionist movement. However the mortal abolitionists soon leave Knoxville for cities up north where they can do more good.

1861: The Invictus splits, with the more aristocratically minded wishing Knoxville to ally with the Confederacy, and the more business minded wishing Knoxville to ally with the Union. The Lancea Sanctum supports the aristocrats, while the Carthians support the businessmen. Eventually it is the mortals who decide, and Tennessee secedes from the Union.

1863: The Invictus claim that members of the Union faction of Invictus arranged for Knoxville to fall into Union hands in 1863. This is disputed by many who claim that the Union was almost certain to win anyway. Regardless, many of the Confederate faction of Invictus are killed during the Battle of Knoxville.

1863-1865: Union Invictus purge their covenant, driving the more aristocratic faction out. Those who do not fall into torpor are driven to Nashville, Atlanta, and elsewhere. By the end of the Civil War the Invictus has reorganized itself along industrial lines, and the Lancea Sanctum have become their rivals.

1970s: For some reason other supernatural races begin showing a markedly weaker influence over Knoxville. The Vampires, for the most part, do not question this and simply enjoy being the only organized monsters in the city.

1974: Knox Heritage is first incorporated, saving the Bijou Theater from destruction (and foiling Invictus plans for growing Knoxville business in the process). The Invictus tries to stop this upstart group of mortals, only to find they have backing from Clan Daeva. A Daeva Ancillae named Gabrielle Lane spearheaded a campaign of beautification around Knoxville. In the next several decades many of the Daeva, including those with the Invictus, would come around to her way of thinking.

1982: Knoxville businessmen, led by Jake Butcher, and with the support of the Invictus, organize a World’s Fair, focusing on energy. The Sunsphere is built. After a horrible disaster, Prince Lawrence Lord is turned to ash along with half the Primogen Council. Jeremiah Coalridge becomes the new Prince, ushering in an era of Lancea Sanctum dominion.

1989: The Carthian Revolution sweeps over Tennessee. Carthians take over Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga. Although the Carthians never take over Knoxville they grow in power, gaining a seat on the Primogen Council. The Primogen Council now consists of one Sanctified, one Invictus, and one Carthian.

2008: Despite many warnings, an up and coming coterie of Nosferatu are caught in their havens when Underground Gay Street is dynamited to make way for renovation. Some escape, but most are trapped and presumably killed. Despite Prince Coalridge’s protests that he did everything he could to stop the renovation, and that it was a strictly mortal effort, the Nosferatu blame him for the murder of their kinsmen.


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